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This is my personal review as a paid member of (also known as watch my girlfriend). Check out my real review below, my screenshots I’ve taken inside the members area and view the video I recorded from inside the members area above proving myself as a real member.

What I love about being a member of this site is all of the girls are amateurs. Girlfriends and there boyfriends submit there own personal pics and videos to this site which what makes it totally different from any other out there! Real amateur content.

Wow- crazy huh?

No porn star type girls in here. Literally “girls next door” type. I swear I saw a girl from around my neighborhood on there! I love the watchmygf girls and I know you will too.

Watch My GF Review

Once logged into the main account members account using your watchmygf username and watchmygf password you’ll be directed to the main updates page below. This is just a screen shot and is actually broken down into pages. There’s tons of updates! Here’s what I mean, check this out….Upon taking this screen shot below, about 10 mins later I logged back into the account and saw 6 new galleries added! This is what I love about them the site!

Updates to galleries and videos are done sometimes more than once a day!

Members Photo Gallery

Upon clicking on each of the galleries you want, you’ll then be able to view the high res versions, download the complete watchmygf sets, search by categories. The sets are awesome guys! What you see free on site are only a portion. These contains tons more especially of girls you’ve seen online that you think only contain a few images… no, there are probably more! I found so many girls in the members area that contain wayyyyy more images. I’ve been a member for awhile and still haven’t gone through all of them. Especially since new ones get added all the time.

On the side panel of the members page you’ll also have 3 columns: top rated updates, most viewed, and previous updates. These are all based on members voting in which you can do yourself also.

Updates Calendar

In addition to the gallery, there’s a cool calendar feature as seen below. It shows you all daily updates to each day that new galleries are added plus the name and a screen shot of what the gallery will contain. As you see this is recent. Updates that are daily aren’t rare. That is why this site is awesome . Many other sites lack updates many times updating once a month, maybe once a week.

Movies Section

Here’s a screen shot of the watch my girlfriend movies section. Each video is shown by a thumbnail with a brief description of the video. Click on the thumbnail and the video loads up on the page as a WMA file. Each video ranges from a few mins to as much as 15+ minutes. The videos are great. All types of videos that you could think of.

A huge 5000+ Free Adults Bonus Videos

Here’s actually an awesome cool bonus section that isn’t much talked about on the home page of watchmy gf. This section is shown as 5000+ DVDs . Wow, what a freaking section….seriously… this section does contain thousands of free videos! No BS type too. This section alone is worth the price of the membership. All types of videos on this section.. but the even cooler part about it is that these videos aren’t short small clips. These videos are full length — I’m talking aboutu 60 – 90 mins … I think I even saw a 120 min one!

They really give you more than your money’s worth.

Let’s continue with the review…

WatchMyGf Pictures

First off there’s a huge section dedicated to self shooting girls. The watchmygf net pics are original not dubbed from other sites. What self shooting girls are, are girls that take photos of themselves without any help from anyone else. Check out my watchmgf free pics page to see some samples. They have literally thousands of never seen self shooting girls. New one submitted daily. This section is one the best parts because they are exclusive shots of girls that aren’t seen online normally.

You know the same old recycled photos that you normally see on other sites — you won’t get that here. You’ll love the watch my girlfriend galleries.

Exclusive Amateur WatchmyGF net Videos

The next section is video! Yes, actual real video of some of these girls getting down to business with there bf. RealexGirlfriends watchmygf contain are better than any other. Many of these videos are multi-part meaning they contain more than just 1 of the girl. The watchmygf movies section is pretty good in quality. You’d think that the videos would be pretty shitty in quality however doesn’t approve all videos that are submitted. If the quality is bad or to short, they won’t accept it so don’t worry about viewing some BS quality videos.

100% Amateurs

What makes this site so awesome is that the content is pure amateur models. Cumshots, creampies, blowjobs all from amateurs. Another thing is that the content is download-able! Unlimited for that so even better.

As with all my site I join I look for this: Anonymous Billing. The watch my gf site is anonymous billing :)

Meaning the website ( will NOT show on your credit card statement. It will show the billing company they use to process orders which says NOTHING about the site or what you signed up for. This will help cover your tracks from the wife asking about it!


You won’t be disappointed in joining this site. Upon signing up for a $1 trial you’ll be instantly be given a watchmygf username and password. We’ll worth the membership to join. I am still a member. So all of you guys looking for a watch my gf free password there isn’t one and if you can’t afford a $1 trial then keep viewing those BS 5-10 second clips online.

 For a while now I’ve noticed on there site they are offering a trial membership for a $1 as I said throughout the review. This is an unbelievable deal for you to sample the content. I hate when membership sites make you pay the full amount upfront without knowing if it’s for me. Click the link below more info. Click on the JOIN US NOW button, create your username and password then below that you’ll see TRIAL. You are able to select multiple months on the sign up page to join if your ready to sign up longer but if you want to check it out first, select the trial.


If you decide to join, I’ll see you inside.

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